PD 001 Teacher Leadership in 21 Century Classroom.

In schools, the term        Teacher leaders not only teach students, but also mentor, assist and lead in their schools in many ways. Discover the characteristics, expertise areas and strategies to support teacher leaders in schools. Then, they take on additional teacher leadership roles inside and outside the classroom. Activities, events, and extracurricular programs are what build positive school culture and often require additional leadership support from teachers. Endless academic and social opportunities for students within schools benefit from teacher initiative and leadership capabilities. 

Traditionally, experienced teachers seeking to advance their careers, increase their income, or acquire new skills or professional roles could consider becoming a department chair

           So in this  online  course we provide knowledge about teacher  leadership and  how to  be an effective leadership

          This  course  is suitable  for all teacher , principal and  educators.

 After you finish this course you l will able  to………….

      1. Define teacher leader meaning.

      2.Clarify teacher leader roles and characteristic

      3.Define what the concept of teacher leadership is and clarify teacher  leadership styles and  roles  in and  out  classroom

      4.Clarify how to develop effective teacher leadership.


The course will  take  3 week . And  I hope you enjoy our online class